This is the million-dollar question capable of unleashing war between wine experts from around the world as well as consumers. If every country were to prefer its local wines and the consumer were to follow their personal tastes, there would be some kind of answer to this question; the very best wines would come out on top. This time, we’re going to focus on Saint-Émilion, one of Bordeaux’s favourite wine regions

Visit the UNESCO-listed medieval city of Saint-Émilion

Maybe you’ll find the answer to this question on our private tour of Saint-Émilion. Just a 40- minute drive away from Bordeaux, we’ll pick you up from right outside where you are staying and take you across the countryside through 2,000 years’ worth of wine-making history into the heart of Saint-Émilion.

Country: France
Region: Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Department: Gironde
Size: 27.02 km2
Altitude: min. 3m and max. 107m
Population: 1, 876 inhabitants
Tourism: 1 million visitors per year
Grape varieties: Merlot (70%),
Cabernet Franc (20%), Cabernet
Sauvignon (6%), Malbec (2%), aprox

The soil around Saint-Émilion is unique. It is a mixture of limestone, clay, sand, small stones and many other elements. Each hectare contains a slightly different ratio of these soil types; therefore, many different varieties can be grown and the different flavours of wine produced are almost infinite.

We will visit two chateaux where we will learn about the amazing varieties of arguably the most prestigious wine region around Bordeaux.

A visit to the
historical centre...

Although it is a small village, there is much to see. History, architecture, wine and religion converge in this place where the monk SaintÉmilion founded the town back in the 8thcentury. We will visit its narrow streets, medieval houses, artisanal shops and peer into windows full of gorgeous wines and colourful macaroons. We will show you around the main square and its impressive monolithic church; the biggest underground church in Europe..

and of course, to some of the best vineyards!

Two chateaux will open their doors to us to teach us about the legendary production of Saint-Émilion wine.

We will learn about the most traditional techniques for wine production, as well as many modern innovations used by the chateaux today.

The chateaux are the Tour Baladoz and La Croizille, situated just 3km away from the centre of Saint-Émilion. They are both owned by the same family, but they use different techniques and produce very different wines. An experienced guide will show us around and host a tasting, explaining in your own language (English, Spanish or French).

At the end of a brilliant day out, we will drive you back to Bordeaux, the taste of Saint-Émilion’s fine wines still on your lips!

Ultimately, the best
wine is the one you
like the most!

Bordeaux has enough wines to appease everybody’s tastes. Personally, I like light and fruity red wines which are easy to drink.

In Saint-Émilion Merlot is the main variety, which possesses many of these characteristics – and that’s why I’m convinced that they are the best wines in the world!

Por : Miguel Ángel Moreno