6 months ago I came to live in this beautiful city. I was used to the busy life of Mexico City where everything is traffic, noise, music, work and basically a really hurried life.

Upon arriving here I discovered another type of life. a much quieter in a city where you can walk or ride a bike everywhere.

In which each square and each corner offers you something different, from cafes with beautiful terraces to sit and read in the sun while you drink a rich hot drink, wine bars with excellent proposals to taste a wide variety of regional wines and accompany them with dishes of cheese or charcuterie, as well as restaurants of all kinds.One in particular that I love to visit is called A Cantina and it is from Corsica, a French island, you can order a cheese table with a few Corsican appetizers and accompany them with a delicious red wine.

But above all, what catches my attention is that it is full of multiple cultural options, museums, like the aquitaine museum where we can find all the history of the city from the pallolithic era to the present, galleries, concerts, shows.

EIt is a city
that always has
something to do.

I am currently living in the Bastide neighborhood, on the right side of the river. One of the neighborhoods that set a trend in this city since it has been renovated in recent years.

Here I love visiting the botanical garden, an outdoor place that has species of trees and plants from around the world, it is a very nice place to walk and sit under the shade of a tree to read a good book.

At the Stalingrad stop that belongs to this same neighborhood we will find a sculpture of a lion, a work of the sculptor Xavier Veilhan, an artist born in Lyon.

This sculpture is a tribute to the famous victory of the Soviet army during World War II, embodies the courage and strength of the victors.

If we continue walking on the banks of the Garonne river we will pass by restaurants and bars that have a beautiful view of the city. We will also pass through large green spaces, with large trees.

One of the places I like to visit is les chantier de la Garone, it is a bar restaurant where they produce their own organic beer. They have a terrace with sand that makes you feel like you are on the beach.

On this side of the
river is the Darwin

A set of offices, galleries and ecological spaces for coworking. In the General Magasin we can find bio gastronomic proposals, stores of products to buy in bulk, it also has a restaurant with food and cocktails that are made with products from organic farming and livestock. Alternative music concerts and festivals are held here.

To reach the other side of the city towards the central helmet we can take the public transport boat that will leave you in front of the square of the bag and you can access with the card that we use for the bus and the tram via. It is a nice 5-minute walk on the Garonne River.

For all the above, I decided to start studying the history of this city to delve into the origin of folkboards and so on and also to continue discovering unusual places in the small streets of the city to spend my afternoons. This made me become a free walking tour guide since I would like to spread my enthusiasm for the city to all the visitors who come to know the port of the moon. Join me to discover Bordeaux and let’s meet new people and have a great time together!

By : Leticia Moreno