Blog#3 Free Walking Tours Bordeaux


Part of the greatest pleasures of life is traveling, and what better option than traveling to this cozy and elegant place as the city of Bordeaux, this wine region located in the southwest of France, in the region of Aquitaine, is especially known for all the history he has had with wine which began his career around the year 48 during the occupation of Saint Emilion, when the Romans established vineyards to cultivate wine for soldiers; and as a curious fact they were the first to grow the vine here in this area of France and thanks to them we can say that we enjoy life a little more.

This and many more are the information that you will learn when you come to visit this beautiful city.

And especially if you are a wine lover, because this city and especially the neighborhood of Chartrons was closely linked to the commerce and production of wine because around it there were many wineries where the wine barrels were kept, in this same place the wine merchants themselves lived and even the workers were also here.

But this is only an advance because, in the wine tour that we offer you, we show you precisely all the curiosities that this city and this neighborhood have had specifically throughout its history and how this neighborhood has evolved.

And precisely we will visit the Chartrons neighborhood on our tour, we will visit places like the CAFA university, which was one of the largest wineries where the wine barrels were stored and we show you precisely how the operation of these wineries was and how The workers of that time were used to move these large quantities of wine and how traces of these barrels still remain throughout the place.

Next to this Chartrons neighborhood we can find also the great commercial port known as the port of the moon, which receives this name precisely for the way the Garonne river has when it passes through Bordeaux, and in this place we will explain how the large merchant ships that arrived at this port and that returned loaded with barrels used to work. And we will show you how the great problem of the falsification of Bordeaux wines occurred because although it may not seem so, Bordeaux wine has been so good since its creation that the people could not resist faking it.

But we will not only visit places, but you will also learn a lot about the varieties of grapes that are planted here in the Bordeaux region and which result in such lovely wines that the region has. And not only that, after joining us on our tour you will be able to differentiate which are the wine regions of Bordeaux and what type of wines are produced in each region, so it will be easier for you to choose the wine that most closely matches your tastes while you are here in France, and maybe you can take a couple of bottles home to continue tasting them or to invite friends to try them too.

And although it may not seem like it, the French were not the only ones responsible for Bordeaux wine, Bordeaux wine (although what I am going to say cannot be good seen by any French who reads it) needed help from foreigners, because the city suffered a big commercial crisis during the period of the 100-year war that greatly affected the wine trade here in Bordeaux, and that is the reason why we will find these Dutch houses here in the Chartrons neighborhood, which stand out from the rest of the neighborhood because obviously its architecture is very different from the neoclassical architecture that we used to see in the rest of the city, and we will tell you precisely what were the contributions (which were many) that the Dutch came to make here to the city and why still these houses remain intact in front of the beautiful river Garonne.

But we will also go to what interests us... to drink wine!

After the tour we will have a small wine and cheese tasting at a very special wine bar, but why do we say it is special? because they only offer BIO wines and what does BIO means? They are wines free of additives, free of pesticides, free of chemicals, free of these kinds of things that are not good for our health, so it is an excellent opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge we just learned in the tour and can greatly improve the experience of drinking wine, but the best part of all is that these wines are so well made that you will not differentiate them from a normal wine, but we guarantee that they are much better for your health.

In short, joining our wine tour of the Chartrons neighborhood is an excellent opportunity to know not only the city of Bordeaux more deeply and learn how its history and evolution has been since the Middle Ages and to our times, but also to know closely the importance of this neighborhood is the history of wine; and above all an excellent opportunity to learn much more about wine, and most important of all, taste the best wines of the city. For this and many more reasons we invite you to not miss our free walking tour of Bordeaux and wine.

By our guide: Heldy