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A thousand year of history walking along the beautiful coast of Garonne. This river has been witness for centuries. Medoc has been developed over a long time by foreign wine merchants and today it has turned out to be one of the most known villages in the wine world. This villages are also famous for its magical castles and a rich deep history.

To explore Medoc let me take you to "les Route des Vin".

Starting from Margaux Village - To remember this appellation a hint - It is the name of a French girl - "Margaux" This region comprises most of the chateaux which were classified in 1855.

If you are visiting this charming village dont forget to visit a Chateaux with a guided tour ending up with a delicious wine tasting. The wines of Margaux are packed with red and black fruits in there youth with a lot of freshness as they get old they develop aromas of truffle, tobacco with a long ageing potenial. You can also stop for a lunch at (Restaurant Villa Bordoh) or just relax and have a coffee Gourmande - (A mix of different pastries with a coffee).


OF 1855

Napoleon III requested for an universal exposition in Paris for the wines of Bordeaux in 1855. After evaluation of wines on basics of prices the chateaux (wine estate) were classified into 5 different category only for the reds. Most of the wines were selected from Medoc which is also known as the left bank of Bordeaux. The only one red came form Pessac Leognan appellation "Chateau Haut Brion" which was listed in the first category with another 3 chateaux.

In 1973 Chateau Mouton Rothschild was promoted from Second category to the First that was the last change made in this classification.

If you are looking to buy a nice souvenir as a memory Chateau Prieure Lichine is your place they have a beautiful tasting room with lot of accessory related to wine.

Making way head up towards other villages Moulis, Listrac, Saint Julien and another stop to Pauillac. At first you will be astonished by Ch√Ęteau Pichon Longueville Baron it looks like a castle from the disney movies have come alive.

After a lunch visit of another Chateau that will leave an unforgettable memory of your vacation. End the tour with some of the finest wines tasting from this region has to offer.

To give you a quick understanding of Bordeaux Wines Complexity from a Sommelier point of view.


The soil of Saint Emilion is Limestone with Clay which is perfect for drainage and maturation of the grapes & Medoc soil is more stoney.


99 % of wines in Bordeaux are a Blend. What do I mean? Most of the wines are a mix of different grape varietal . If you are drinking any Bordeaux you know its a Blend.


The three major grape varietal in Bordeaux are - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc easy way to remember them, think of a Family you have Mother (Merlot) Father (Cabernet Franc) and finally Cabernet Sauvignon -(The rough Son most likely to grow anywhere irrespective of the climate) sounds funny right.

And yes if you want to know more about the region and history of wine you dont even have to head to Medoc. We do conduct tours every Friday and Saturday in Bordeaux old wine merchant street known as Chartrons. Where we walk to discover the regions and its wines and finally we end by tasting 3 organic wines paired with 3 different cheeses.

So I look forward to share my passion and love towards Bordeaux...


French Certified Sommelier

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